From 1974 to the present Ethiopia has been in turmoil. An Ethiopian student movement had weakened the Imperial form of government, and popularized the concept of socialist or communist governance as an alternative. A military committee called the Derg headed by a dictator called Mengusitu governed under the claim of being a communist. The British assembled rebel groups from Eritrea and Tigrey in London, and under the chairmanship of the US government, the rebel group met with representatives of the Derg, and Ethiopia was delivered to the rebels in 1991. In 1993, Ato Meles Zenawe, a self styled communist, and later a turncoat democrat, was the boss of the Tigrey Liberation Front (TPLF) that gave the coastal and maritime territories to the Eritrean rebel group called the EPLF. Ato Meles had hand picked individuals from different regions and formed a coalition that is called EPRDF. He had also divided landlocked Ethiopia into ethnic homelands, and in his reign since 1991 Ethiopia has been famished, diseased, and impoverished. Western governments including the USA and Britain pay for about 40% of the Budget of EPRDF. Ato Meles appears to have convinced western regimes of his useful reforms so much that he even fooled himself into believing that he would win in an election. In 2005, an entirely peaceful and unarmed democratic coalition called Kinjit under the leadership of Ato Hailu Shawel and another coalition called UEDF had apparently won 49% for Kinjit, 17% for UEDF, and 34% of the EPRDF according to exit polls conducted by EU (European Union) representatives. Ato Meles has accepted that he has lost the votes of Addis Ababa by a landslide. Yet, Ato Meles and his employees falsely claimed to have won the elections. University students and other civilians in Addis Ababa were murdered by orders of Ato Meles given to his security forces when unarmed demonstrators alleged that the EPRDF had rigged the votes. The opposition leaders of Kinjit were placed under house arrest. The British ambassador caused the opposition leaders to sign a pro-EPRDF document in order to secure their release (see issues). Many have expressed the unfairness of making the opposition leaders sign a document against their democratically gained interests (see EAD). Ethiopians across the land are united behind the Kinjit and UEDF in their rejection of the ethnic-centered rule by Ato Meles.  In early July, Ethiopians in the Diaspora held worldwide rallies condemning Ato Meles for the murders he committed against peaceful demonstrators in Addis. They also demanded that the vote of Ethiopians be respected.  The parliament of the European Union, and some members of the Congress of the United States have condemned Ato Meles’ murder of unarmed civilians (see details).





Gene Sharp for nonviolent movement

Rubicon is crossed


Joint UEDF-CUD press release of July 2005