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From HG's desk:   Gadala Kinijit: 6/29/06

Selam Kinijit.

The leaked messages of Ambassador Kassahun Ayele are nothing short of a
documentation of the effective action taken by Kinijit USA, when the USA was
visited by that lion of a man, Ato Hailu Showel, and when Kinijit-USA
focused on the directives provided by Kinijit-Ethiopia.  Hence, I have
dubbed the leaked messages as "Gadala" Kinijit.

I give you the gist of the missive, by a quick and rough and partly shortened

translation of the Amharic text by Ambassador  Kassahun Ayele [for Amahric

versions point to
http://www.addisvoice.com/] .  I provide only part of the Hedar 12/1998
letter, which addresses the ugly TPLF work of trying to determine the
ethnic-origin of Ethiopians that live in different parts of the USA . While
thoroughly angered by this foolishness of the TPLF and its ambassador, I
nonetheless learned how the Tigrayans stand out in their actions according
to the report.  My main point though is to show how the embassy spent most
of its time reporting about Kinijit, and how after the May 15 elections,
most of the over 110 associations that wished to build homes in Ethiopia
through the offices of the TPLF refused to do so preferring instead to abide
by the Kinijit-called boycott.  I have placed the last sentence of the
following translation to highlight this point. "Gadala" Kinijit excels when
it utilized civil disobedience

Kasahune Ayele's leaked dispatches

We provide herein  evidence along the three points mentioned in the
directive of  Hedar 12/1998 fax # 3-1/25/13/98 sent  to our embassy that
were designed  to strengthen conditions that would counter the activities of

I-                   A checklist of activities conducted by the opposition,
and challenges to the embassy

The embassy has established pro-TPLF core groups in each state. These groups
have functioned well. Challenges include the following.

  1.. The opposition has established radios that transmit in Amharic
anti-TPLF news.
  2.. Pro-TPLF supporters have not been given lands in Ethiopia
  3.. After the Ginbot election pro-TPLF individuals are reportedly
intimidated by opposition elements.

II-        Distributions of Ethiopians within the USA   by ethnicity.

            USA census bureau does not have adequate information on the
ethnicity issue. Also communities do not maintain ethnic origins of
Ethiopians these has brought challenges to the Mission to do its work with
            60% of Ethiopians in the USA are Amara, particularly Gondere who
live in regions including western states.
            Oromo and Somali abound in Minnesota.  Additionally many Oromo
live in Washington DC, South Carolina, and South Dakota.
            Tigrayans live in all capital cities, more so in Colorado,
Seattle, Washington DC, Chicago, and Charlotte. Unlike other ethnic units,
the Tigrayans have strong and well established economic development projects
beneficial to themselves their communities and their country.
            Southern peoples live primarily in DC.  From these, Guraghe,
Selti, Welayeta Hadiya, and Kembatta are more visible.
            The Hadare number about 2000 and they mostly live in Atlanta and

III-                Organized groups, their positions and strengths.

III-1- Concerning Professional organizations.

            Problems are mentioned and a list of five organizations are
given.  Only the Ethiopian Medical Association in  North America works well
with the embassy.

III-2-  Concerning Development associations.
            Six development organizations named, Tigrey, Gonder, guraghe,
, Kembatta, Kefa.  Except for the Kefa Limat, which was run by Dr.
Engineer Ijugu all others  interact with the embassy.

III-3- Housing development Associations.
            Pursuant to the directive to allow Ethiopians to belong to
organizations and build homes in Ethiopia, more than 110 organizations are
registered with the embassy.  These are non-political organizations, though
the embassy has used them to facilitate some of its functions. Their help
included furnishing information required by the embassy, finding halls for
holding discussions, disseminating information regarding called meetings and
discussions, and participating in the meetings for called discussions; also
they were important supporters to the 2003 drought aid conducted by
Ethiopia. However, since the implementation was not effected even after four
years of its inception, the good relations established previously have now
been changed.  Many of the members became important supporters of the
Opposition in the Ginbot election. Few organizations did not side with the
opposition. We shall verify which organizations are supporters and will send
their lists. Before the Addis Ababa City development board gave its
determination of 26/01/98 it should have consulted with embassies. We would
have differentiated individual and associations on the basis of their
political affiliations in order to help the city.

As per the 26/01/98 determination of the land development board of Addis
to give 250 cari-meters per individual the embassy is notifying
applicants of such determination. After the embassy placed such notification
on its website, some individuals have indicated their unwillingness to
accept the offer.  We have learned that that  the rejection to accept our
offer happened after the Kinijit-USA informed Ethiopians to boycott
relations with the embassy, not to fly one Ethiopian airlines, not to send
funds through Western Union