The eight point demands that Kinijit enunciated for it to enter parliament may be transformed into the eight-point principles towards attaining democracy.




The principles of:


1. Establishing an independent Judiciary


2. Guaranteeing the independence of communication media


3. Restructuring and guaranteeing the independence of the National Election Board


4. Releasing all political prisoners, and taking no political prisoners thereafter


5. Re-opening of the offices of opposition parties that have been closed, and closing none thereafter


6. Guaranteeing that a ruling party will not repress and intimidate citizens.


7. Creating an independent body to investigate atrocities committed by security forces in Ethiopia.



8. Ensuring that police and security forces are not politicized and do not intimidate, repress or hamper the freedoms of Ethiopian by favoring one political party over the others.





Kinijit Council: 8-Point Precondition To Enter Parliament.



Kinijit Council has unanimously agreed to present an 8-point precondition to the ruling government of Ethiopia as a precondition for Kinijit to enter parliament.

On the issue of whether to join parliament or not, it was decided that the people's questions have to be answered satisfactorily.

The necessary and sufficient conditions for joining the parliament include:

1. The legal system must be able to operate independently without any coercion from the ruling party.

2. All forms of media should be free and available to all political parties.

3. The Election Board needs to be restructured and be able to operate independently

4. All political prisoners should be released.

5. Opposition party offices that had been closed should be opened.

6 Repression and intimidation of opposition party members must be stooped.

7. An independent commission to be established to investigate the June 8, 2005 killings of innocent Ethiopian.

8. Ensure the police and armed forces do not favor and take sides with the ruling party.

In order to ensure the above listed conditions are fulfilled, the Meles government agrees for an establishment an independent commission which would be charged with such responsibilities.