The historic letter of June 11, 2007 [4/10/99 Ethi] from Professor Mesfin Wolde Mariam


In a six page pdf file, Professor Mesfin documented the essence of how the court presided by Adil Ahmed denied the accused from presenting any evidence to counter the false accusations levied by the prosecutor, and how the court refused to hear the plea of the accused against brutality by prison guards, notably against Mulneh Andualem.  Remarkably, on June 11, after the accused stood and demanded that they be heard, the court indicated that it would take a 10 minute recess, but returned after two and half hours to pass its unjust verdict against the accused.  This June 11, 2007 verdict “shall live in infamy.”


I provide a translation of the last paragraph, beginning with the last sentence of the second to the last paragraph.



“Denied of the right to present evidence in defense against false accusations, and based only on false accusations, the accused is found guilty for the first time in the history of Ethiopian formal course proceedings.


The state of the justice process and whom it serves is now proved.  A strong and independent judiciary is the foundation for developing a credible democratic process.  It was because we believed in the protection of our people from such shameful [court] determinations that we incorporated [a demand to have an independent judiciary] in our October, 9, 2005 [Meskerem, 29, 1998 Ethi] conditions for entering parliament.  Today’s [court] decision, beyond the injustice levied against us, places Ethiopia in a shameful position among the international community of nations.”



HG: 6/22/07