A Snapshot

Ethiopian history, a cross-disciplinary approach


1. History before the Christian Era

2. The prosperous Aksumite and post-prosperous Aksumite Era:1-1137

3. The Zagwe Dynasty: 1137-1270

4. Restored–Solomonic Dynasty of Shewa: 1270-1529

5. The Jihad against the Christian kingdom of Ethiopia: 1529-1543

6. Restored–Solomonic Dynasty of Lake Tana and Gondar: 1543-1769

7. Zamana Masafint: 1769-1855

8. Reunification of Ethiopia: 1855-1974

9. A review of the Turkish Fiction and European Interference: 1557-2005

10. Usurpers: 1704-2005

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HG July 31, 2005






Propagation of languages

Name & languagues

Nonviolent issues



Rubicon is crossed


A challenge for Ethiopians (including the Eritrawe): A vision for prosperous Ethiopia

Church Education

Resurrection and preceding lent

Joint UEDF-CUD press release of July 2005