TPLF as a conqueror: Let us save Ethiopia



Selam Ato Abate, Zenebe and all.



About 20 minutes before a teleconference was held Ato Zenebe had kindly invited me to attend it and had and given me the numbers.  I thought that at Alemayehu Mekonnen provided a very interesting rendition of part of Ethiopia's history. His main conclusion was that it was not the EPLF but the TPLF that brought gossa-centered politics in Ethiopia and he underscored that the Tigre have provided support for the TPLF. After that oral rendition others made comments. However, my telephone was somehow disconnected and I did not hear the latter discussions, if such had happened.  I also did not attend any subsequent teleconference on the issue.


I return now to share comments on the comments provided to all. Different people, some more authoritative by their scholarship than others, have provided conclusion on who brought gossa-centered politics to Ethiopia and when. To cite one example, on chapter 5 of his book "selTan Teshami Tigrewotchena yeityopia andenet" Ato Tekle Yeshaw offers a rendition on how previous leaders from Tigrey province  had behaved in Ethiopian history. Many had repeatedly argued that language had propagated over the vernacular of Ethiopians and that the language that people now speak is not an identifier of their ethnic origin. I partially quote Professor Getatchew who said something of the following sort: as an Ethiopian knows his height and the color of his eyes so too he knows his gossa (language of his parents). Knowing such personal characteristics does not lead to forming identities of "achertegnanet:", "ayenetikurnet" or "gossa".  Ethiopian identified ourselves on our ityopiyawinnet or religion. The angel that brought gossa-centered politics was the EPLF.



Blaming the Tigre for the TPLF, though the TPLF is a Tigre outfit, many have correctly said should be dealt with great care. Here is a point to underscore.  Currently, the TPLF has used Ethiopia to invaded Somalia. Though Ethiopians had no say in the invasion, Ethiopian soldiers are killing and dying for the TPLF economic machine to amass wealth.  If Moslems of other countries or even other interested people blamed Ethiopia for the mercenary service that Ethiopia  provides in Somalia, it becomes very difficult to make those people understand that Ethiopian had no voice in this invasion, that it was the ruling TPLF party which ordered the invasion purely as a ploy for it to abscond funds from western lords that dictate the invasion.  If the Moslems asked, did not Ethiopia benefit from the wealth the TPLF is amassing for its mercenary efforts?  The answer is difficult to provide because though some of the TPLF use the funds to run their international business they also invest in one or the other part of Ethiopia.  The moral of the story is to underscore that as it is difficulty to separate Ethiopia from the TPLF in the invasion of Somalia.  Likewise it is difficult to separate the TPLF from the Tigre in the invasion Ethiopia by the TPLF.  The TPLF has invaded Ethiopia. The TPLF has never felt Ethiopian. The radio message given by Ato Sebhat Nega in which a  year or so ago he asserted that the TPLF worked to separate Eritrea from Ethiopia despite the indecision of Ato Isaias Afeworki's clearly demonstrates that the TPLF never felt Ethiopian or never engaged to foster  the real interests of Ethiopia. The TPLF is an economic entity that siphons off the wealth of Ethiopia and tries to do so by building and strengthening its home base.  To suggest the TPLF will secede is to miss the point that it was never Ethiopian. What the  TPLF will definitely do is to continue to weaken EthiopiaPeriod. If truth be told, I firmly believe that the Eritrawe Ethiopian is an Ethiopian that can fully express it heartfelt wishes if landlocked Ethiopia succeeds in extricating itself from the TPLF.


Let us remind ourselves that the Tigre inhabitants of Addis had voted for Kinijit and against the TPLF. The Tigre Ethiopiawe is an inseparable and indispensable part of the nonviolent movement waged under the leadership of President Hailu. Our effort ought to focus on  supporting the Kinijit led by President Hailu. I am confident that President Hailu  and his advisors have a clear view of Ethiopia and Ethiopians and can provide an accurate  political explications of the problems at hand. Never have I heard Ato Hailu intimate or imply that the Tigre province  will secede.  While I fully support the exchange of views and the right of individuals to express fully their views I nonetheless caution against the dangers of "politics" that pop up to the fore once in a while, which go against the well thought out plan of leaders.  


In the late 1960's and early 70's amateurish political analysts pretended to know Ethiopia. All discussions had to focus on how to destroy the central regime, and talking about Eritrea was the pastime of the amateurs. We know where that led us. On the basis of not repeating past mistakes, I counsel that rather than focusing on what the TPLF would or would not do we should focus on what we would do.   Currently, the TPLF is in a shambles with its baseless politics and expansive war efforts. It has not invested in the good will of Ethiopians or in matters that attend to their well being. The economic hardship in Ethiopia is unbearable.  The wining struggle is the one the Ethiopians had elected, the nonviolent movement headed by President Hailu. Our focus should be how to help Ethiopians through the nonviolent movement.