The Senseless war of December 2006.


On May 15, 2005 Ethiopians voted tyrant Zenawi out of office.  He responded by killing over 193 Ethiopians, wounding hundreds and incarcerating the leaders of the party who won the elections as well as thousands of their supporters.  The elected leaders of Ethiopia remain in jail.  He was ready to do any thing that would please his Western financiers so that they may not focus on his trampling over the rights of Ethiopian.  In the current struggle of the Western empire against the ascending eastern empires (China, Japan, India, etc.) including the ascendancy of the Islam movement in the Middle East, Zenawi found a way for aligning his tyranny with the interest of the West (  Zenawi is out of his league to engage in a struggle between Western and Eastern-Middle Eastern empires. His actions are not in the interest of Ethiopia. His interest is only to amass money for himself, his family and his close associates. He does not care about the life, health and liberty of poor Ethiopians whom he rounds and sends to fight for him. He found it profitable to support Mr. Abdulahi Yusuf Ahmed, the president of a weak Somalia Transitional Government, which is opposed by an Islamic court that established it rule in Mogadishu as of June 2006.


Two individuals are responsible for the senseless December war, Zenawi the tyrant of Ethiopia and Sheik Hassan Dahir Aweys of Somalia, who offered opportunities for Zenawi the tyrant to export his internal troubles


Time lines.

Item 1. Zenawi the tyrant sent Ethiopian soldiers who arrived in Baidoa on July 20, 2006.


Item 2. Aweys (the red beard) declared a jihad against Ethiopia on July 21, 2006.  For details point to


Item 3.  November 19, 2006 a convoy of 80 Ethiopian vehicles was apparently heading for Baidoa when a land mine destroyed two trucks and Islamic fighters opened fire on the convoy some 50 miles southwest of Baidoa according to eyewitnesses.  Six Ethiopians soldiers were killed and 20 were wounded. Subsequently, the convoy had made it to Baidoa.  Sources: (a) AP- November 20, 2006. , (b)  Leonard Doyle, Foreign Editor, Published:  23 November 2006.


Item 4. On November 23, 2006, Mr. Zenawi determined that a "clear and present danger" to his country has occurred because the Isalmic Court has declared jihad and told his parliament to authorize war against Islamist Somalis. Sources (a) (The Times), Jonathan Clayton, Africa Correspondent, Nov. 23, 2006, (b) Emmanuel Goujon , AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE, November 24, 2006, ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia.  Presumably Zenawi had ordered Dr. Beyene Petros to provide a semblance of deliberation in the rubber stump parliament as Zenawi needed time to ready his troops, and to obtain a green light from his Western financiers to cause more trouble in Somalia.


Item 5.  UN resolution published by Ap associates,

    They speak of allowing an African group to support the weak Somali government, and bring about the disengagement of Eritrea and Ethiopia inside Somalia.


Item 6. December 24, 2006.  Ethiopians used planes to bombard Somali town on the sixth day since they initiated war against Somalia in support of its weak leader and against the Islamic Court.,




Zenawi the tyrant had no business in meddling in the internal affairs of Somalia. Zenawi was the intruded that caused Aweys and other patriotic Somalis to raise their ire against Ethiopia.  He cannot justifiably claim that he is fighting because Somalia declared jihad against Ethiopia for it was his uncalled for interference, see Itms 1 and 2 above, that elicited an ill-advised jihad that was wrongly called by Sheik Aweys.


Aweys the red beard has no basis for declaring a jihad against Ethiopia. Firstly, his declaration is against the teachings of Prophet Mohammed.  Secondly, there are more than twice as many Moslem Ethiopians than there are Somalis.  Thirdly, his claim of Ogaden as a part of Somalia is uncalled for.


The poor Ethiopians soldiers and the civilians and soldiers of Somalia are dying as a tyrant from Ethiopia and an imprudent sheik from Somalia wage a senseless war. The flat territory of Somalia might give an initial success for Zenawi with his tanks, MIGs and helicopter gunships. However, considering the unpopularity of the senseless war, the total disdain of Zenawi and his TPLLF/EPRDF party by all Ethiopians, Christian and Moslems alike, and the endless senseless wars that Zenawi invents to pit one group of Ethiopians against another, the ultimate outcomes of the current war is uncertain.  All Ethiopians opposition parties must come together and try to defend the interests of Ethiopia at the time when Zenawi, who had been voted out of office, continues to stir trouble. Above all else they should work to get the release of the elected leaders of Ethiopia from jail.


HG: 12/24/2006