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1)  A video clip from UK Channel 4 containing lies from the genocide prime minister Meles and the crocodile tears of Mr. Tim Clarke.  Mr. Clarke speaks of his presumed interest of changes tomorrow while having financed the genocide of yesterday and continuing to finance the genocide of today.

2)   A report submitted by a task force led by Lake and Whitman underscores that the US government has no comprehensive policy toward Ethiopia or the rest of Africa -   [Mr. Lake, former National Security Advisor to President Clinton and later emissary to Clinton, worked hard along with Clinton to facilitate the division of Ethiopia into two states.  He went back and forth between Addis , Asmara and Algiers to negate the UN sanctioned unity of Ethiopia and replace that by a  manipulation of arcane and defunct colonial treaties  in order  to permit Meles destroy the unity of Ethiopia. We also noticed how Mrs. Clinton, Mr. Clinton's wife, visited Asmara to congratulate the achievement of that division. Amazingly, now Mr. Lake gives a report, which indicates that the US government has no comprehensive policy towards Ethiopia> Is it possible that he is desirous of finding ways of cementing the division that he worked so hard to achieve?  With Mr. Anthony Lake as a policy proponent, Africa should expect more trouble. The roles taken by Mrs. Cohn, Lake, Carter and the Clintons in the division and destruction of Ethiopia  is etched in the annals of Ethiopian History.]