Dear all,
Lord Triesman of the British foreign office visited Addis Ababa and talked with his favorite Ethiopic lad, Meles, after which he said, "Ethiopia's international reputation has not been helped by recent events. I believe it is possible to find a way forward to redress this and give Ethiopians hope for a better future," he said.
Dinqem teqorquari, after Britain supported the dismantling of Ethiopia firstly by facilitating the gift of Ethiopia's seaports to  the northern Tigreyan (Hamasen) rebel group (EPLF), and secondly by financing a brutal dictatorial Tigrey rebel group of the Shire plateau  (TPLF) to divide landlocked Ethiopia along ethnic line and to oversee the economic, political ,and educational deprivation of Ethiopia, Lord Triesman appears to shed crocodile tears when he refers to the dwindling reputation of Ethiopia. Lord Triesman ought to be told that Ethiopia had survived despite stresses placed on it by Britain since 1800's.  One is particularly reminded of what General Gordon, a former British employee of the former Khedive of Cairo planned, namely that the ports of Ethiopia should be given to Italy as Egypt became a colony of Britain. We are also reminded by the bedeviling lies perpetrated by British Rear Admiral Hewitt who signed the 1884 Treaty at Adwa with Yohannes IV, in contravention of which Britain invited Italy to occupy Massawa. In those times as at the present, Ethiopia had not done any wrong to Britain, though Ethiopia remains a recipient of British sponsored onslaught on its nationhood and the well being of its people.  Lord Triesman ought to be told that Ethiopia will have a better future not because his lordship so indicates of such possibilities, but despite his efforts at stifling it.  Ethiopia shall survive as it had in the past despite British animosities to the possibility of the existence of a free and vibrant Ethiopia. The TPLF era shall be removed and Ethiopians will remember that era as the period when "hodam "individuals sold out the interest of Ethiopia.
Lord Triesman continued:  "We remain completely committed to provide aid to some of the poorest people in Ethiopia."  
Dinqem erdata. Britain threatens to continue its support of the budget of a dictator, their lad Meles.  All Ethiopians know that Kinijit, the main Ethiopian opposition party, won the overwhelming vote in May 2005 elections and Kinjiit and Hebret are the duly elected representative of Ethiopia.  Would Britain give a penny to Kinijit?  Certainly not for that would demonstrate that Britain is respecting the vote of Ethiopians.
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Ethiopia shall survive.