1. .ED1- Mission ..tactics system.  Why have Ethiopian democracy?


2. ED2. Missions.  Sets out the conditions for the mission and the mission statement.


3.ED3. Goals


4.ED4. Objectives to Goal1-  Political and administrative issues


5. ED4. Objectives to Goal 2- Economic issues


Total Mission Goals-Objectives


6. ED5. Strategies to the objectives


A. Climate matters. Discusses interactions among monsoons, El Nino, and Indian Ocean Dipoele and global warming.


7.ED6. Tactics .

8, ED6- general tacticsto objective 3 of Goal 1: Hizbawi Imbita

9-ED6- tactics to startgeies of objectives 3,4,5 and 6 of goal 1.


Vision-tactics-EthDem Broad definition of the Vision-mission-goals-objectives-stategies-tactics system of EthDem

tactics-to stsrtegies-1-2-to-Goal 2.

Tactics-to-strategies to objectives- 3, 4, 5, 6 of goal 2.


Not-about-the-disciples, it is about the movement

BYLAWS VERSUS KITABRobert's Rules of Order