Assorted comments.

Counting.  Logarithm, Richter scale, pH

1_9_16_2011  It is not an identity politics. It is an identity critics. subservient ethnic-politician versus imprisoned pan_ethiopian.

A- Science; In Amharic

A.1 .1-Perspectives -  Phythagora's theorum


A1- fast math in Amharic, , industrial revolution-Triad-

A2-  MeTen [Measure].A2-0 "Mejen"  MeTen-0:[measuring ideas] A2.1 MeTen-1,[measuring physical entities up to 2 dimensions]

MN   issues related to Emperor Menelik

BT  Issues related to Dr. Bereket


MN-1.pdf This is an Amharic antislavery decree by Emperor Menelik:II, scanned by Commander Assefa

MN-2.docx.  This are an English antislavery and pro-work decrees by Emperor Menelik II, shared by Prof. Mammo.

MN-3.docx This is an open letter to Mrs Shell

MN-4.docx   This is a brief email shared to "Friends all: by prof. Getatchew  on slavery recounted by Enid Sraklie

MN-5.docx  Do not soil the name of Emperor Menelik I based upon  stories shared by alien missionaries and residents

 Marshmallow Experiment-surrounding


Comments here include issues related to current affairs.  Some materials are documents for CUDP

.a-series - comments about the role of aliens to Ethiopia

a1-denqem-azagn  -- Regarding Lord Triesman's views ` a5-Somoali-Issues of July, 2006

a2-denqem-policy Awoutchi -- Regarding  Mr. Anthony Lake's policy initiative

a3- Legitimacy of tyranny- Regarding Prime minister Blair's assertions

a4-David Mercer's story on how the TPLF gave away Eritrea, and the MBA program for TPLF leaders

a5-Somoali-Issues of July, 2006. Addresses Zenawi's invasion of Somalia and the jihad proclaimed by Sheikh Aweys

a6-Dr. Levin's interview with Chicago Public Radio Worldview of 8/8/06. He said few CUD are in jail, and praises Meles

a7-Zenawi-Somalia-Nov06- addresses the Nov.19ambush of 80 vehicles by Islamists, and the for es of Ferguson

a8-Dr. Muhammed S Magalommatis- agitates to bring wars between the different linguistic groups of Ethiopia

a9- Sensless war of December 2006 - Zenawi invaded Somalia and ousted the Forces of Sheik Aweys

a10- Revolutionary Democracy- TPLF/EPLF document aimed at enriching the leaders by pillaging Ethiopia,

published by Ethiopian Registered

a10-b- Industrial Revolution- an Amharic text contrasting industrial revolution of the UK with political revolution of France

a11.perspectives-001: "eyeta-001."

a12- Gorahen Ley-  This Amharic article provides reasons for the reader to better understand his/her political position.




-c- series general comments

c1-Keep Hope alive. By anonymous contributor. Subject shows the infighting among American before declaring independence

c2-Viceroy's viceroys. Meles as viceroy of enemies of ethiopia, and Ledatu and beyene Petros as his viceroys- types of struggle

c3-Nonviolent vs force-based struggle against the TPLF/EPRDF- concerning the February 2006 report from london on the EPF.

c4-Adwa Victory of march 1 and, 1896. A short brief made on march1, 2006

c5- Orthoproxy and the yin yang. Discuss 'perfect practice" of woyane and the need to have both non-violent and armed struggle.

c6-A fork in the road, and the triage. Discusses kinijit and the AFB versus Woyane. Also indicates that Ethiopia might suffer from triage issues

c7-How is the OLF/AFD different from the TPLF/EPRDF?

c8-The May15, 2005 verdict on the viability of ethnic-centered politics in Ethiopia.

c9-ma-to-ba: thought as fenced as land; will as ameasure of time and distance; yetebarknebet instead of yetemarknebet

c10-Philosopher Zera Yacob (1599-1692). Used "Hatata" as his method of discourse, and is known for his philosophy of Ethics.

c11-Dictatorial Democartism and ways to remove it. Refers to issues of Oct 15-20 in which Dispora Kinijit split into KNA & KIL, and Suspended groupings,

c12-Preemption is a false right. developes natural state, law and social contract, works of Abba Estifanos, Zere Yacob, Hobbes, Locke, Woodrow Wilson

c13-Ethiopian Democracy. This is a draft on the mission-goals-objectives-strategies-tactics system

c14-Min Nekan.htm . breach of faith, and breaking of the social contract

c15- The Disciples Creed- all Kinijit supporters should read and discuss these issues

c16-Berhanu's stuff of April 2008.-His attempt to vilify President Hailu and try to continue his divisive efforts

c17-TPLF as a conquerer-views of April 2008.-- Considers the TPLF as an occupation force

c18-Ine letenagarkut isu ferto yegotegutegnal discipline issues among KNA-512/08

c19-The Month of May(Genbot)-Berhanu.htm Berhanu resigned in 2008 but created a Genbot 7 party to spite kinijit

c20- For your File-  The June 2009 analysis of Ethiopia's condition

c21-hypothesis for liberation from ethno-fascist Woyane

Book 0

Book 1

Book 2


-k-series. material about kinjit.

k1-CUD-UEDF-June-10,11,13. Press releases

k2-KinijitHebretJan13-16. 2006 meetings held independently in washington DC,

k3-Eight-point-principles - Kinijit's demands that caused TPLF/EPRDF to imprison the Kinijit leadership, and kill Ethiopians.

k4-assorted comments regarding the Kiinijit International Leadership:,1st paper; 2nd paper, 3rd paper, 4th paper

k5-the 6/28/06 Letter to the General Council of Kinijit that would assemble at Los Angeles on July 2006

K6-1 Gadala Kinijit -first given to Kinijit support groups- addresses leaked Messages by TPLF ambassador, Kassahun Ayele

K7- Gadala-Kinijt- relates that Ethiopians should be orgainized.-AFD if done right is a potential organizing concept

k8-Kinijit vis a vis AFD and KIL - a lessen from Moses, a need for democratic Kinijit support units in the USA

k9-what unites us is more durable that what divides us.-- comments on difficulties brougt by the D8iaspora leadership

k10-Kinijit Diaspora structural problem and the case of AFP

k11-Detractor-X: Comments from a dtractor about my efforts at Kinijit.

k12-Prof. Mesfin speaks-6-11-07-verdict. The infamous verdict of june 11,2007. "outrage to constitution"

k13-CUDP leaders were release on july20. My reflections on their release was given on July 21, 2007

k14-Bylaws-2. Bylaws of Diaspora Ethiopian Democracy supporters


-series. Political types of comments.