How some Western intellectuals see Africa: an Educational Discourse # 3.


    [The is a continuation of a discourse is on nonviolent movement-An Amharic translation by using the Latin script is given at the end.]



    1) How do some learned Europeans see African states? One of the learned European political scientists observed that there are 5 kinds of African states. All  5 types are dysfunctional or failed states. One of the five dysfunctional states is identified as the "captured" variety. According to the political scientist who gave the dysfunction typology of Africa about nine years ago, in the "captured" state variety an elite takes over a state, provides no justice to the people but fulfils international obligations. Such a "captured" state is exemplified by Rwanda. Other dysfunctional or failed states include Somalia where there is no government, and Zaire where the soldiers work to safeguard the interest only of the leader.  As known from written documents, in one of his visits to the United States Ato Meles had agreed that Ethiopia is a failed state. Perhaps, Ato Meles was told that the case of Ethiopia is similar to the "captured " variety.  This might explain why Ato Meles was preaching his fear of a Rwandan-type massacre happening in the period of the May 2005 elections.


    As long as they fulfill international obligations, even though they do not provide justice to the inhabitants, there is reason to believe that the governments of America and Europe would not be alarmed by the "captured" state governance.  This is why, from the funds given to Ethiopia Ato Meles and his elitist friends share among themselves  millions of dollars and hire guards that protect them and spies on the national soldiers,  while Ethiopia grows poorer year by year until it became the poorest nation in the world.  If an opposition that fulfills international obligations and that brings  ustice and progress to the inhabitants comes to power both the American and European governments will continue to provide their aid with delight. The latter can be gleaned from Congressional hearings in which representatives of the state department, other agencies, and experts are summoned to testify.  As though the destruction it brought to Ethiopia over the last 14 years is not enough, the tyrannical governance that received only about 95 undisputed seats out of possible 547 MPs is attempting to completely destroy the country in the coming 5 more years.  Aware of this dangerous conditions, Ethiopians should pursue the nonviolent "Respect the Vote'' movement and replace the tyrannical governance by the one they have elected by their votes.


    Either the people will unite and remove the problem imposed on them or they will be individually squashed to their end.  The choice belongs to the people. 


    To be continued.


HG. 10/16/2005


    Amharic translation.


    Yehe teqeTay naw. Ayele Egziabher: Temeheratwe weyeyet # 3


    1) lemehonu Ye awropa liqawunt ye African gizate serat indet ne yemeyut? Keliqawountotchu andu ye poletica temeramri,  5 ayenet Africawe gizata serat endalu yegeltsal. Beteqlala 5 stum gizata seratotch yetebelashu weyem yewedequ gizata seratotch natchew.   Kenegheh wust aandu "yeteneTeqe" gizata sirat yebablal. "YeteneTeqe" gizata sirat  yemetawekew quTratchew yetewesen mehuran yerasatchwen Tiqim lemakabet agerun yezew lehizbu menem fiteh syseTu, ye alemaqef gedetawtchin yemefetsemu tsehonu naw.Ignih ye politica mermariw, yezare 9 amet sisrudu,  Rwanda "yeteneTeqe" gizata sirate mesale netch belwal. Leletchu wedaqi agezazotch inde Somalia mengiste yelelebet, weyem inde Zaire wetaderu merown bitcha yemnkebake agazaz yegegnubetal. Betsihuf indetegeletsew Ato Meles wede America hedew, Ityopia yewdeqe gizata sirat indalt tesmamtewal yebalel. Menalbatim ye Itiyopia huneta inde Ruwanda "yeteneTeqe" gizata sirat indehona le Ato Meles tenegrwatche yehonal. lezehe yehonal, be Senew mirtcha ye Rwuanda ayenet dem mefases indayemeTa iyalu aTebekew sisbeku yeneberaw.




    Alem aqef gedetawotchewun amwualu deres,"yeteneTeqe" gizata sirat meriwotch,  menem inque lehizebu fiteh bayeetsTum, le American le  Awropa mengistat iskzihim gid indelelatchew yemiasreda huneta ala.  Lezi new, bebizu million yemeqoter genzib be Ityopia sim eyewsedu, Ato Meles inna godotchathew yanen iyetekafelu, innesun yemitebequatchewn indihum hagarawe wotaderun yemiselal buden iyeqeteru Ityopia beyeletu iyewedeqatch be alem yemecheresha deha ager yehonetchew. Alem aqef gedetwotchewin yemyamola inna lehizbu fitehena beletsge lisT yemitchel teqwame Budin bimeta ye Americam hona ye Awuropa mengista degafatchwen bedesta yeqeTelalu.  yezihin huneta irgeTinet, ye State Department tewokayotchin, ye lelotch agency wekilotchin indihum gilesebotchin  be metrat Ye America Congress kemiaykahedatchew  sebeseba  tshufwotch meredat yetchalal. Ke 547 yeparlama tewokayotch wede 95 betcha mertcha Yagegne yetchequagn sene serat, ye 14 ametat woudeket yestew albeqa belo letechemari 5 ametat Ityopian liawodem iyeqaTa Naw. Ityopiayaweyanotch yehene asgi huneta "Dimtse yekeber" betsegnew selamawe inqisqase tselefew yemereTut Agaziz indeteku asfelagi naw.



    Hizube yemetabetin Tcheger beaand lay bemeself yeswegedawal alebeleza beter betera iyetedeqossa yalqal.  mertchaw yehizebu naw.