Ayele Egziabeher: an Educational Discourse # 1.


    [Several people liked the educational discourse on nonviolent movement that I posted yesterday. Some of them had asked that I provide an Amharic translation.  I thought I would give the total discourse, with the Amharic translation, by using the Latin alphabet, piecemeal]



    Ayele Egziabeher: an Educational Discourse # 1.


    If Ethiopia had a leader, and that leader was called Ayele Egziabher, his directive would be as follows. The opposition to tyrannical governance must work under one Ethiopian party. For the eight-point demand of Kinijit to be translated into action immediately, all Ethiopians should be at the ready to take action. Kinijit has given twelve days for the beginning of the implementation of its demands, beginning from October 10. If the MPs of Kinijit are not able to express their views on radio and television without any imposed condition by the tyrannical governance, and the administration of Addis Ababa is not run by the duly elected members of Kinijit, all Ethiopians must stop their work on October 23. Those in Addis Ababa must continue the work stoppage on 24 and 25.  Ethiopia is tired of accommodating tyrannical governance.


    Dear Ethiopians. One who fears God does not respect an idol. The command that you fear only God is given so that you do not get afraid of idols. Your idols now are Ato Meles and Ato Isaias. When you wage a struggle, with fear only of God, no one can take away the freedom given to you through your ancestors. When you wage a struggle, with fear only of God, many countries will stand beside you for power lies with God.


    The clarification and explication of the meanings of what has been said will be given piecemeal including by a translation of "Education Discourse #4 " that I posted yesterday into Amharic


    To be continued


HG 10/15/205


    Amaharic translation.


    Ayele Egziabher: Temeheratwe weyet #1.


    Ityopia meri benorta, yanen meri Ayele Egziabeher benelw, beahun gize yesu tizaz yemiketelew naw. Yetchiqonna teqawame Ityopiaywoyan be aand woT mahber testedaderu. Kinijit yeteyekatchew 8 neTibotch bastcheqawe wede sera inditergome, Ityopyawe yehonk hulu beyalehebet betetnqeq qum. ke october 10 jemro, be 12 qenat wust ye Kinijit Teyaqe wede giber indiqyer yehun. Ye Kinijit yeparlama wekilotch Yalemenim gedab be radio be television hassabatchewn lehizeb masamat kaltchalu, indihum ye Addis Abeba agezaz hizibu be meretew be Kinjit kaltesara, beyetim yemetigegn Ityopiawe seran be October 23 Inditaquom.  Be addis Ababa ye sera maqum tigel be 24, indihum be 25 Yalemenm maquaret indiqetel.  Ye Ityopia hizeb be Tchequan metetdader beqaw.


    ye Ityopia hizib hoy. Egziabheren yemefera be lal taot ayemalkim. Yale Inn lela amlak atmalek yalew mefrat yalebeh egzabherin engi lela  taot indatfera new. Yehune taototchih, Ato Aeles inna Ato Isaias natchew. Innesun atfera. Egziabheren amneha. Egzabeheren betcha bemefrat yemetadergew tegadlo keayat kedemayet egzeabeher yesetehen netsanet manim ayewesdewom. Egabherin betcha fertah lenetsaneth settagel bezu agerotch kant gon yeselfalu. Hayl ye egzabeher newna.


    yezehen anegar mabrariw bemeketatel yemakerbew, telant "temeheratwe weyeyet" beye yakerbekutin wede Amarign abetergom chemir naw.